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My Approach


My approach to therapy is rooted in liberation and connecting people to themsleves. I provide services based on the needs of the person. I assist clients in becoming grounded in their body and to work with trauma the that begins to show up in the mind. I come from a humanistic approach and ground my work in cognitive-behavioral treatment, collaborative, solution focused, existential, reality therapy and an overall client centered approach.

I use a combination of hypnotherapy, meditation, breath work, yoga, and may include but not limited to, cognitive reframing, and training in mindfulness, emotional regulation, awareness exercises, self-monitoring, behavioral analysis, and journal keeping. 

I enjoy using aspects of spirituality, hypnotherapy & complementary practices to work through concerns surrounding depression, anxiety, stuck energy, low self-worth, & limited self-awareness. I offer this in conjunction with traditional therapy to work to find the core root that has manifested into depression, anxiety, physical pain or spiritual disconnect.

In session we will work together to seek out and heal blocks from a space of truth, honesty, compassion and love. We will work to discover your truest self that may be clouded by constant mental clutter and/or emotional pain. We will bring awareness to what has been hidden behind the mask you wear daily and the pain you secretly hide in your heart.

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