Relief from the Raggedy...

What plagues us often is stored in our subconscious. We  operate day to day without awareness of the reasons we  respond in ways that cause regret or we can't understand.


During these sessions we will explore what has been  keeping you burdened, and focus on what will bring you  more ease. Using hypnotherapy we are able to discuss  these issues with more ease and in the awareness that  these events are in the past and no longer actively  happening. 

We store trauma in our bodies. We have feelings, emotions and memories  held in our bodies that we have no words for. Sometimes are responses to  situations show up automatically and we don't know what to do with these  responses. 


During these sessions we use a combination of talk therapy and/or hypnosis  and also focus on integrating the experiences in the body. We will vary  between guided imagery, meditation, restorative or trauma sensitive  movement. 

From the body to the mind...

Hypnotherapy & Counseling

Initial Assessment 2 Hours:

Behavioral Health Assessment + Hypnosis

90 Minute Sessions:

Ideal for Mind to Body and Hypnosis Sessions

60 Minute Sessions:

Ideal for weekly or biweekly sessions

Private Pay Only. No Current Sliding Scale Fee Slots Availability. Thank You for Your Understanding!