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Embodying Your

There is often fear, stigma and more that keeps people from seeking assistance after these experiences.

Have you ever experienced an altered state of consciousness that was difficult to integrate back into your life?

Our journey to healing can take many roads.

Deep Meditation, Psychedelics, Breathwork or other spiritual experiences may create experiences that can be difficult to make meaning out of.

During these embodiment sessions you will have a safe space to discuss, process, express, and integrate varying experiences. We will work 1 on 1 to decide which direction to take to get you moving towards wholeness. 

Your personalized plan towards wholeness may include individual goal setting, harm reduction, psychoeducation, grounding techniques, movement, individual therapy or hypnosis.

The hope is to create an open space of authenticity that always you to be honest in your experiences and work towards the healing you deserve. 

I DO NOT encourage or recommend the use of illegal substances. I DO NOT provide any psychedelic assisted therapies. 
I CANNOT assist in the acquiring of any psychedelic or plant medicines. I CANNOT link you to anyone that provides any of these services. 



1 hour: $175
30 mins: $85 

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