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Sunday Night Sleep Aid

*EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT from 10:30pm-11pm EST via Zoom.


*No class April 17th. Make up class April 18th @ 9:30-10pm


This class is Audio Only.


I know, you’re a busy professional/entrepreneur/care giver/human and rest is not your first priority! I get it! I have been there. But since I know you are tired of feeling RAGGEDY every single Monday! Let’s try something a little different.

While you are up late, doing the most, overthinking and wondering how you are going to do and be all the things for the week ahead… come rest!

The overthinking, obsessive thoughts, acting like that 1 last email is really going to matter, playing with your phone and pretending to be sleep isn’t going to help you feel better the next day….

In this class I will guide you into a rest that reminds you that you are enough, you can make it, that you are allowed to rest and to wake up peaceful. I will help your remind your nervous system that it is allowed to be calm and rest.

If meditation is new to you, don’t worry! I am guiding you through the entire experience. Please let me know in advance or at the start of the class if there are any difficulties with past meditation experiences that I should be aware of.

Up Late? Thinking about the week ahead? Let's just settle on down and go to sleep! Just log into this AUDIO ONLY class with your headphones while in your bed! I will guide you into rest and just simply end the class. You get lulled into ease so that you can remember you are enough, deserve rest and can take on the week ahead.

Individual -SLEEP AID!

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