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Karissa Williams

Joy, Liberation, and Embodiment

Making steps towards the life you desire...

Therapy Sessions


Therapeutic Services

Starting your journey from overwhelm into liberation.


Ease &

Learn to rest within community.


Make meaning of

your individual experiences.


Trauma Sensitive & Adaptable Yoga

Your Personal

8 Week Yoga for

Emotional Well-Being

My Approach

I enjoy using aspects of spirituality, hypnotherapy & complementary practices to work through concerns surrounding depression, anxiety, stuck energy, low self-worth, & limited self-awareness. I offer this in conjunction with traditional therapy to work to find the core root that has manifested into depression, anxiety, physical pain or spiritual disconnect.

About me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a trauma sensitive and adaptable yoga and meditation teacher. 

Relief from the Raggedy...

You don't have to keep pretending you aren't tired, overwhelmed and overworked. You don't have to keep ignoring your body telling you to rest, calm down, or to get some help!

Take just a few steps to decide if you want to continue living like this or if you are ready to shift, change and grow!


Recognize the disconnect.


Listen to what your mind and body are trying to tell you.


Notice if this is something you can do alone or do you require assistance.


Make a commitment to being open to where the journey takes you.


Be compassionate with yourself. Remember that healing doesn't happen in a straight line.

Hypno was freeing! I remember feeling anxious before my session. Karissa encouraged me to release that nervous energy by gradually changing my thought pattern and by deep breathing. The space created during my hypnotherapy session was one of non-judgmental and intentionality. I am grateful.

Client Experience after hypnotherapy session

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